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My name is Andy Thomson, and I want to tell you how to earn an additional income through your blog site.
Many people dream of becoming rich through a there blog site, but the sad truth is very few people make
any money at all, and it all ends in disappointment. I want to give you a little bit of help with a few pointers into turning your blog into your business.

Your content is the most important part of your blog, it has to be original, interesting, something that will grab the readers attention and make them want to come back again and again. You also have to pay special attention to your headlines and subheadings, the must be no longer than 5/6 words long, and you must try and make them stand out so it makes people want to know what they are all about.

You have to find a niche topic and you must stick with it, don’t start mixing your topics, and research them well. Be accurate in everything that you write, there is nothing worse than reading something that you know is a load of rubbish. You must post on a regular basis to sustain the interest in your readers, and make them want to come back and read some more, and also increase the flow of new readers to your website.

Another way to earn an income through your writing is to sell your work or services as a freelancer, now this can be really hard or really easy and it all depends on how good you are at what you do, or rather what you write about. there are a lot of sites out there that offer payments or rewards for your articles and blog posts and the amounts they offer vary from site to site. Two of the biggest sites that I use are or and the better you write the better your reputation becomes and a number of offers you receive offering you work increases by a significant amount.

Another way to earn an income through your blog and by far the most popular way is through advertising. Once your blog is established and you have increased your followers to a decent level, you can start to think about using services like  Google adsense   what happens is you advertise the services or brands of other businesses and they pay you for it, this can be very lucrative.

This is just a very basic article about what you can do to earn an income from your blog, and if you want to discuss this in greater detail then please get in touch with me at and I will be more than happy to have a chat with you and hopefully help you just a little bit on the road to a more lucrative future. Good luck with everything that you do.



Hi everyone, my name is Andy Thomson and my passion is letting the world know that there is great writers/bloggers out there, and am writing this post to try and get people to visit my site and discover the talented writers who’s posts I have shared.

Sharing somebody else’s work brings us together as a community of like minded people and gives us the opportunity to experience the thoughts, highlights and adventures of those who write the posts. Together we can educate and bring together people from all over the world, and in today’s current climate that’s, not such a bad thing.

The challenges that we face in life will always be there, but it’s how you take on those challenges that are important, and writing for me personally is one way of dealing with those challenges.  You will find that by reading about somebody else’s experiences can help another person then writing that post was worth it. Writing is also about having fun, so it’s not all doom and gloom, it can also make you laugh, and that’s a medicine in its self.

So please take time out to visit read their posts and share with others because you do make a difference.

thanks so much for reading this post



Honey Colour Review

My new coloured contacts.

By: Michelle Archer

Recently I went online to a shop called honey color ( and splurged a little bit on some contact lenses. It wasn’t my intention to buy so many but they had such an amazing deal and I just couldn’t pass it up. If you keep your eye on honey color they are always having amazing deals. I suggest waiting for them so you don’t have to pay full price.

Originally, I went to the site to buy a couple of pairs of a brand called Super Pinky. I just love how these contacts look on the models on their website. They are very bright and beautiful. And whenever I wear them someone tells me I look like an anime character, and it makes my day! These contacts usually run for $25.90. I decided I wanted a bright blue and a green to enhance…

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How to get glowing summer skin !

Floral Beauty Guru

Hey guys, first of all thank for coming on to my blog and reading this post that will help you get beautiful glowing skin for summer. I’ve included skincare & a few steps you can do within your daily makeup routine for glowing skin !

  1. Starting with skincare, obviously everyone will tell you moisturising is always essential ! A great affordable product is using theSimply pure hydrating serum, it’s perfect at infusing your skin with a layer of replenishing your skin allowing it to look healthy.
  2. I always tell everyone about how much I love this product, I couldn’t live withouttheEau Roma water, it lightly hydrates your skin and you can use it as often as you like to prep or set your face.
  3. Also allowing your under eye’s to look as smooth as possible I use theno bags old allowed eye gel from anatomicals.

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22 Products I’ve Repurchased More Than Once

Little Yellow Butterflies

I think that one of the most glowing accolades a product can have is that someone would use an entire bottle/pot/tube of it and then go out to buy another one right away. Even more so, when someone has done that more than once… in a world of millions of beauty and cosmetic products to choose from, repurchasing is definitely the best measure of quality! So with that being said, here are some products that I have purchased, in full size, multiple times. I know, it’s A LOT. I won’t be offended if you just scroll through and skim read until you get to a product or product type you’re interested in 😉 The list includes cleansers, skincare, makeup, haircare and bodycare products. Enjoy! And share some of your ‘most bought products’ in the comments 😉




REN Evercalm Cleansing Gel, £15. This is my everyday cleanser for morning…

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My Favourite Fragrances

Little Yellow Butterflies

I love a fragrance that is floral and fresh. It has to be natural and subtle, not cloying or overly sweet, the kind of way flowers really smell when you’re outside in the sunshine with them. I own three extraordinary niche/luxury fragrances by Diptyque, Serge Lutens and Byredo. I wanted to talk about them because they really are something special, and if your preferences fit the description I just gave, I think you’ll love them too. The right fragrance can lift your mood and make you feel amazing even when you’re squeezing onto the Jubilee Line at 7am on a Monday. Fragrances are extremely personal and the right one can transform you, but it’s so hard to find ‘your scent’ with all the choice out there. I’ve also given some advice about how to make the right choice at the bottom of this post.

serge_lutens_fleur_doranger_byredo_inflorescence_diptyque_philosykos.jpginflorescence_byredo.jpgInflorescence by Byredo is the least…

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Opposites attract, eye makeup look

Little lost Bee


Inspired by an instagram post, I decided to use the (very) few eye shadow pallets I own to come up with this pinky red and green eye makeup look!

After applying my base, contour and brows I started off with my Morphe 12NB pallet, going in with the second to last colour on the bottom row in my crease. I used the base shadow brush by Real Techniques (aka my second favourite brush ever).


Then I took the orange-y colour above it and went over the brown in my crease whilst bringing the orange further down on the lid using the same brush (because I’m a bad beauty blogger).

MOBR0369F_1_L copy 2

Then I whipped out my NYX ultimate brights pallet and used the first colour red on the outer and middle portions of my lid, still using the same damn brush (because I only have one good one, okay jeez). And then…

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Full on Melbourne

She Travels

Good evening,

It’s been a super long day on the great ocean road but that’s a story for tomorrow.

Yesterday I started my morning with breakfast at 1932 Cafe & restaurant which is a cosy and old fashioned cafe. Breakfast was delicious and I enjoyed starting the day alone. I had a little walk around before meeting up with Felicity and her friends. I had seen a massive cathedral from distance and decided to go there to start with. It was so beautiful! It’s St. Paul’s Cathedral. Luckily it was open for public so I went inside to have a peek, loved it.

Then I continued walking along the street at Federations Sq and saw even more beautiful, old buildings. My favorite so far has been Forum. I found it very Arabic which is pretty cool as it’s in between other buildings.

I took off to Felicity after that. Met…

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Well it’s certainly not Blackpool…!

Tilly's Travels

After making a clear decision when we set off to avoid the busy french coastal resorts in July, in the end we decided that we just couldn’t come this far and not spend some time near the sea! First port of call after our days in the Catalonian hills therefore was just south of Palafrugell, strictly speaking not quite on the coast but certainly within reach!

With the sun shining our primary agenda here was old fashioned sunbathing, making use of the beautiful swimming pool and enjoying the odd cocktail! Whilst we both enjoy our road trips there is a lot to be said for sometimes just stopping and relaxing and with temperatures hitting 36c now was definitely that time!

After two days chilling, and with our french gas bottle having now run out, our next stop was back over the border in Collioure. As well as the gas refill…

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