ColourPop Birthday Bag Review + Swatches


Hello, lovelies! I posted a while ago some news about this collection being released by ColourPop and told you all I was going to buy it. I did and it’s finally here. Here’s my thoughts on it.

I’m going to review each item on its own, so the presses shadows, the Super Shock Shadow, the highlight, and the glosses. I’ll go over each category I usually review products on for each item of the collection.


The collection came in a cute little metallic silver ziplock bag that had baby blue stars with white 3’s in them. On one side it had ColourPop’s logo, on the other it said “I hope it’s a pony” which I thought was cute. They also included a sheet of Birthday themed stickers. That’s a first for ColourPop, or any other makeup brand that I can think of. I might be mistaken though.

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