The House with Four Dogs

Strictly Unstructured

My household has four dogs: two black and white ones, a tan one, and one with brassy fur that looks like a dye job gone wrong. It can be chaotic and loud…but it is never boring. Just sitting and watching how four dogs, each with very different personalities, interact with each other is beyond entertaining. Calm is probably the last thing that comes to mind when you picture a house with four dogs, but it is surprising just how often our dogs pull us out of a bad mood. Each of my kids falls asleep at night with a dog at the foot of their bed. The dogs’ steady breath seems to lull them to sleep. When they are afraid of nightmares, we pretend that the dogs “eat” their bad dreams.

Once when my son washaving a particularly bad day, we heard a strange splash/crash noise and ran upstairs to…

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