Worlds Apart in Hong Kong

all sorts of mad,

Hong Kong or ‘Fragrant Harbour’ is a special administrative region of China. With a minuscule area of 1104 km2 this autonomous territory is one of the most densely populated metropolitans in the world and it definitely shows.The Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula are the most developed and urbanised areas but claim only 20% of the territory. Both areas rise high in to the sky boasting one of the most picturesque skylines in the world. Clustered together are a serious number of malls, retail stores, day and night markets, and various eateries. It’s great if you’re one who absolutely loves shopping. There are plenty of other attractions inside the city. (They have their own Disney Land!)

Be sure to check out Chunking Mansions. It’s a melting hotpot of diversity; a first timer’s experience on its own. There’s vegetarian Indian food, kebabs, biryani, cheap phone accessories, sim cards and the cheapest…

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