Boxycharm | June 2017 Edition

Melrika Blog

Time for June’s Boxycharm!

This box wasn’t planned (talking like it was an accident), well sort-of. May’s was supposed to be my last box but since I kind of forgot to unsubscribe at the end of the month, when I remembered to cancel it I started considering to maybe keep it for another 3 months. It’s actually a great subscription box but by the end of 6 boxes, I think I will have enough makeup for 6 other girls!

So this month’s box…

I wasn’t as impressed asthe last one, to be honest. One thing’s for sure, I am super happy to get the Realher’sPlaybook eyeshadow palette I – Be your own kind of beauty. It was the highlight of the box for me.

  1. Realher’sno.1 Playbook eyeshadow palette, $28.00: You either get palette number 1, 2 or 3. The no.1 is a very neutral brown palette. It…

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