Day 3.  The Bratislava Marathon and a visit to Trnava

Love Travelling

Whilst waiting at the tram stop on our way back to the hotel the previous evening I noticed a sign indicating weekend transport service disruption because of the Bratislava Marathon so back in the hotel we researched its route to find a good spot to watch it from.

image Bratislava marathon

As luck would have it,  the race was passing quite near our hotel and, once in position, we only had to wait around 10 minutes before the elite runners came through.  It’s the 12th annual race and this year 12,000 competitors were participating.  Conditions couldn’t have been better with clear blue skies and no wind and we had fun spectating and taking in the atmosphere, the runners being helped along their way by the sounds of steel bands and other live music.

image Musical entertainment along the route of the Bratislava marathon

I’ve watched the London marathon a couple of times…

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