Five Reasons to Make Bali Your Next Holiday Destination

Life on the Wedge

Bali has long been on my travel radar, primarily because of its proximity to Australia. Mate, Bali is cheaper than many domestic holiday options for Aussies.

But since moving to Doha, with Europe and South Asia on my door step, my travel-related attention has been elsewhere.

This trip had been long-planned. When I say “planned”, I mean, AZ and I had blocked the time in our busy calendars and had a vague agreement about the destination.

But then, as always seems to happen with us, events intervened.

After much consternation (I’m going, not going, going, not going), we decided (literally the day before I flew) this would be another solo trip for me. This fact weighed heavily in my choice of accommodation – I need not have worried, Bali is a destination for all – solo travelers, couples, families, big groups, all budgets.  I looked at high end, at white washed…

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