Galveston Island: Some Place Good

Starting November

 “I haven’t really gone anywhere…” she said. I just about freaked out.

 “ You live in GALVESTON! How can you say, you haven’t gone anywhere? What’s wrong with you?” I scolded my friend, Febbie, when she apologetically admitted that she hasn’t explored Galveston. “Galveston is a vacation spot, with a beach AND near Houston!” I continued, indignant that she let a year go by without really doing anything or going anywhere. Well, technically, she’s been to Waco and Canada a couple of times but that doesn’t count. When you live in a tourist island, you go out during the weekends and go hopping around the island. At least, that’s what I had in mind.

In a couple of weeks, I will be living in Galveston for six months as part of my ongoing job as a traveling Physical Therapist. I will miss Longview Texas for sure, it has…

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