Visiting the Homeland: Great Britain Family Vacation 2017

Life Through My Eyes

Hello faithful readers-

Well here we are, home from my second trip to Europe: a tour of England and Guernsey! My Grandma was born in Guernsey and when she was 7 years old she immigrated to Canada. This has been her first trip back in 70 years. It has been such a wonderful experience to bring her back after so long. There are 8 of us on this trip- me, my parents, my brother, my sister, my aunt, my grandma, and my great-aunt.

Thursday, June 8th- I worked for half a day and then flew from Phoenix to Denver. My parents picked me up and after a night in a cramped hotel we flew from Denver to Toronto, Toronto to St. John’s Newfoundland, St. John’s to London. We had about a six hour layover in St. John’s so we rented a car and visited Signal Hill National Historic Site. The…

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