Beach Bag Must Haves!

Caitlin Lee Slater


Spring Break is here and it’s time for us to soak up the sun! But before you seek after cool waves from the pool or beach remember to pack my 13 must have items in your beach bag.

  1. Triangl Swimsuits ~ Neoprene, exclusive, Australian bathing suits that are all the talk right now. ( 
  2. Flash Tattoos ~ these metallic tats are still trending this season. They’re the perfect way to be a little flashy by the pool and not wear any jewelry that may tarnish. (Check out for retailers near you!)
  3. 12 Benefits ~ it’s a leave in hair treatment. This product is fabulous and recommended by many hair stylists. It seals color, smoothes frizz, repairs damage, prevents split ends, moisturizes dry hair, strengthens fragile hair, prevents flat iron damage, protects from chlorine, wind, and sun damage, it adds shine, softness and a silky finish, protects from blow-drying …

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