Australia 7: Fraser Island (Rainbow Beach

Travel, Eat, Repeat

The day before our Fraser Island adventure began we had a briefing at Pippies Beachhouse Backpackers in Rainbow Beach as Pippies was the company we had booked our tour with – 330 AUD each (approximately £200) for 3 days and 2 nights. After the briefing we needed to find someone to stay for the night, as the hostel itself wasn’t cheap and didn’t have space for our camper. After picking up supplies we drove to a campsite in by the beach in Bundaberg, pitched our tent, cooked dinner (the last of the tuna!) and wandered down to the pitch-black beach for bright stars in the sky before getting an early night in preparation for a 5:30am wake-up call.

It was a freezing cold morning and after packing up we headed back to Pippies for 6:30am for our free breakfast and then jumped into our 4×4 with our overnight bags and…

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3 thoughts on “Australia 7: Fraser Island (Rainbow Beach

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