Bardot Bride by Mary Greenwell Makeup Look

Beauty and the City

So, yesterday Get the Gloss published this video on YouTube. This is a Brigitte Bardot-inspired bridal look created by Mary Greenwell in partnership with Chanel. I was so mesmerized by this look that I tried to recreate it as soon as I could.

Of course I can’t afford Chanel! I just used whatever I had on hand and I came up with this look:

The photos above were taken more than 5 hours since I did my makeup and because I had a cold and was constantly blowing my nose, the foundation and concealer on my nose had already faded but NBD!

While Mary was doing the look, she kept reiterating the Bardot beauty was all about looking effortlessly done up, like sultry and messy but still beautiful. So that was my mental state throughout the look, like I wasn’t making sure everything was precise, I was just slapping…

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