Best Nail Varnish Top Coats

Penelope Lifestyle

I’ve been painting my nails for years! Within that time I’ve tried countless top coats, all in the name of providing my nails with a thick (but not gloopy) gel-like appearance that you only seem to get when you walk straight out of a good mani.

I tried gel nails a few years ago, after convincing myself of how much time I’d save if I didn’t have to keep re-doing my nails after suffering countless fatal chips that served completely ruin the appearance of hours of filing, buffing and paintwork. However, despite the salon being a great place to retreat to and the range of colours being impressive, when it came to removing the gel nails and revealing my own, they seemed to be brittle and weak… Plus if I’m honest, as a nail obsessive, I missed sitting down in the evenings and “zenning out” as my hands naturally performed…

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