Makeup Addiction: Kicking the Habit.

Kitty Loves...


Hey everybody, welcome. So, I haven’t been active in the beauty community for the last couple of months. I’m up to date with the latest and greatest, I’ve purchased a couple of things here and there but for the most part I haven’t involved myself in the group’s etc.

There’s a good reason for this. I’ve gone cold turkey and I’ve given up makeup forever…
That was a lie. That’s never going to happen.
However, I have spent the last few weeks completely decluttering my makeup room – yes I have a room for the stuff.
I’ve spent many hours, making piles, donating, selling unused products and giving things away to friends and family.
It’s been tough and stressful but I’m finally at a place where everything I have WILL be used and is being used as we speak.

I decided to go somewhat “minimal” with my makeup collection simply…

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