Melbourne, VIC

Adventures of the Wild

After three days of travel I finally land in Melbourne. Feeling like a zombie I made my way to the exit for the transfer bus where I was greeted with ‘How’s it going?’ I looked pretty confused thinking well I’m going to the city centre like the bus I’m standing in line for says… Then quickly remembered reading that this is the Aussie way of saying ‘How are you?’ I get on the bus feeling a bit embarrassed at my blunder. It’s 10pm in Melbourne, 1pm UK, but I feel shattered so head straight to bed. Two hours later I’m awake, so wide awake I consider getting dressed and heading out to see the sights even if it is midnight. Forcing myself to stay in the bunk I watch what must have been the 20th film in the space of three days, finally falling asleep only to go…

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