Mentally & spiritually I am Motivated

My Big Beautiful Dreams

I want to diet & exercise. I want to read,journal,& blog. I want to clean my house,buy my groceries,cook my own food,& enjoy life. Unfortunately I am physically handicapped…suffering with COPD,Sleep Apnea,digestion issues,lower back pain,pain in my hips,& pain in my knees. I’m anemic,sleep all day & awake all night. I am 100 pounds overweight. I sometimes awake with severe cramps in my feet. That’s when a foot twist outward or inward & the toes curl. Standing or walking usually ends the horror & pain. That’s a time when I’m up & out of bed in hurry.

Tonight I am enjoying Kahlua White Russian & YouTube vids. I’m hooked up to my oxygen machine,in my dining room. I have fun size candy bars & a cheeseburger…& Gin. I deserve all of it. I am making the most of my weekend.


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