My Aussie Adventure #02 – Birthday Celebration


It’s been a while since I turned 20 years old – actually my 22nd is coming closer with biiiiig steps. But I’d like to tell you about my 20th birthday, because on that day I’ve made memories that will probably stay on my mind forever. I came to Australia in the middle of February to stay there the whole summer and I also celebrated my 20th birthday there. My usual parties in Germany involved a bunch of friends, loud music and a looot of alcohol. But this time it was a whole other experience…


Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend!!

How good is it to wake up to your boyfriend who is preparing pancakes for you in the kitchen? Gosh, this is like the dream of every woman alive, am I right? Not only was I spoiled with a delicious breakfast, my better half also suprised me with a diamond necklace that I…

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