A non-horror story about Farm Work – Australia.

Travelling Mouse.

Facebook group after Facebook group you see articles and stories being shared about awful backpacker experiences in order to gain 88 days farm work. So I thought that I should level it out and share my experience as well.

At the moment of writing, I have about 30 days left to grab for my 2nd year visa. We have worked every day for the past month, and see no signs of slowing down. We work on a potato farm just a 15 minute drive outside of Ballarat, Victoria. It is winter time here, and we are the rare backpackers who have stayed south instead of heading for the glorious Queensland. We were planning on heading up North in our camper van, but once we had finished the Great Ocean Road and The Grampians we realised that there is a lot of distance to be covered and petrol to buy. So…

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