Chefs Speak: Interview With Kash D. Timmers (Travelers Cafe/La Casita)

The Mumbai Veggie


Today we bring to you a qucik interview with talented chef and dance instructor Kash D. Timmers of Travelers Cafe/La Casita in Pondicherry in which she discusses her love for dance, momos, Pondicherry and more. Read away!

So how long have you been based out of Pondicherry?

It has been about 5.5 years now. Before that I was in Delhi.

Did you always want to have a cafe and dance studio in one location? How did the idea to merge both come about? 

I was already teaching dance in Delhi, but I didn’t have a studio of my own. I also didn’t want a studio of my own, but I didn’t know what I did want. I was actually lost n Delhi. I didn’t know what I wanted. After I came to Pondicherry and I saw all these cultural activities happening and how people were open to it. I was…

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