Exploring the Old town of Taipa, Macau

Travellers In Time

Flanked by megalithic casinos to one side and high rise apartments to the other, the old town of Taipa is an anomaly. It’s a complex web of culture, time and space, slowly under assault from Macau’s unceasing development. On the way from my bus stop at the nearest casino, I pause by an empty field. This is the site of two new casinos, with the building to commence in 2017.

With a free half day up my sleeve, I’ve found myself wandering through the maze of windy, cobbled streets, stepping back in time, seeing, hearing and feeling a very different side of Macau.

Surprisingly for China, the place isn’t flooded with tourists, at least not on the day I visit. It feels both ancient and suburban – enticing but unpretentious – quietly emanating the the stories of past and present. It’s in places like these I find the ordinary and…

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