Mum’s Viral Post On Antidepressants Reminds Us It’s Okay ‘To Not Be Okay’

Fighting for a Future

Mental illness should be taken as seriously as medical illness when it comes to medication

There’s no denying the existing stigma attached to mental health issues, though awareness and education about these issues helps fight that stigma. Social media, for example, allows people suffering to be candid and reach a lot of people with their message. You only have to browse Facebook to see the growing number of Group pages on PTSD, Anxiety etc to see the number of people now reaching out to others to connect and share their mental health experience.

Laura Mazza, the mom behind the popular blog “Mum on the Run,” recently wrote a post about antidepressants that went viral.

“So you need to take antidepressants…

“Well… Maybe life has thrown some curve balls at you. Maybe it wasn’t what you expected at this time. Maybe everything is a little bit too much. Maybe getting out…

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