Single Travel: Tips For Going Solo And Why We Should All Travel Alone At Least Once

Desert Swan

I have now done several trips by myself and people are always surprised when I have said I was traveling alone. ‘Why?’ they’d ask. ‘Won’t you get lonely?’, they’d say. But really that was just their own projections, their own feelings. I enjoy time by myself. I live a pretty social life with my work so time to just be silent on my own terms, is always welcome.

Just recently I found the journal of my first solo trip, almost 10 years ago, to Kamalaya in Koh Samui, Thailand. What a life changing experience that was, and why? Because I was by myself. The people I met, the self reflection I underwent, was life changing. I came back to the UK, left my secure job at a newspaper in London, and literally hit the road and moved to the absolutely alien planes of the UAE.

I have since done several…

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