Some Wonders from the West (August 1901)

Selections from 'Strand Magazine'

A recurring series of short articles about interesting aspects of American life. The first part of this month’s article is about Joseph Griffis, who later on in life took to calling himself Chief Tahan. He wrote an autobiography in 1915 called ‘Out of Savagery into Civilisation’, which you can read on, and it’s interesting to compare and contrast the two accounts of his childhood.

Another article is on a skipping records. It’s probably not surprising that people keep on breaking world records for various aspects of skipping. The current world record for the number of skips in one hour, for example, is 12702 (set in 2015 by Peter Nestler).



So oft has it been stated that truth is stranger than fiction that the aphorism has become trite; yet it is an undeniable fact that every day there are enacted dramas that…

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