The Wandering Veggie – Orissa Travel Guide

The Mumbai Veggie

Odisha has always been a place that has intrigued me – ancient temples, clean beaches (well, compared to Juhu Beach that is!), and a slower pace of life. So, I recently ended up hopping on a bus from Kolkata toward Orissa to put an end all my curiosity, and visited Puri and Bhubaneshwar. Here are some recommendations both food and travel-wise for all your veggie wanderers, in case you are planning a small vacation here. 

Golden Beach, Puri

Konark Sun Temple, Puri


Places to Visit: I lucked out in my choice of stay – Ananya Resorts. It was just a 1 kilometre walk from Golden Beach, which you must visit. For just 10-20 rupees, you can even rent out a plastic chair to park yourself like a total beach bum. However, don’t spend all your time here, because there are several other places you must…

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