E-mail Marketing-Part II


E-mail marketing, a form of direct marketing that uses e-mail as the delivery medium for communicating a marketing message to a group of people, is an important component of any marketing campaign. In the previous blog we briefly discussed the definition and types of e-mail marketing. Now we will discuss two critical aspects of e-mail marketing— content and frequency.

When designing e-mail content, it is important to identify the key messages that the e-mail should communicate and the specific information that will move the recipient from his or her current perception to the desired perception, overcoming any barriers to conversion. In particular, marketers should highlight the benefits of the product or service as they relate to key messages; focus on specific proof points; and provide details, facts, and features that support the selling premise.

E-mails must have a clear call to action (CTA). Marketers must be clear on what they…

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