Exploring Bali – A 7-Day Itinerary!


Bali is hard to leave. It is the constant source of inspiration for all kinds of travellers – from chill vacation lovers to diehard backpackers. But what makes this island so special after all? Well, like many other enchanting places, Bali creates the feeling of abundance. You land on the narrow strip of land, walk out of the airport and the first thing you see is the crowd of people from all over the world. Bali streets are filled with tourists, expats, digital nomads, yogis, vegetarians, surfers and people of all kinds. In such a diverse world how can you not find your own tribe? Bali makes you believe that a paradise, where beautiful people live happily in the midst of the beautiful jungle, by the the warm comforting waves of the ocean, indeed exists.

People settle in Bali because they find their tribe, because the generosity of Balinese nature…

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