Home Sweet Home

GFK Imagery

Whether you live in a house, apartment, can, or hotel room, we all have a place that we call home. As for me, I share a house with my mother, who doubles as my best friend, my three younger brothers, and my other half. Where I reside is quaint and quiet in the small town of White House, Tennessee. The only type of “landmark” we have is this barn. I mean, it’s still cute, even in the fog!

White House Barn in Fog

I live down the street from here and just a few miles down the road and to the left is where all of our restaurants, stores, and the city park is located. I guess you could call it our “downtown.” Other than that, most of our town is residential.

We live across from the only elementary school in town. I’m not complaining, it gives me plenty of room to practice flying my…

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