Mexico. Part II…

It's a tasty blend of things

To continue on our Mexican Trip… If you didn’t have a chance, go and check out the Mexico. Part I post.

r-1_kzTD730.jpgI2m4v9hVlQI.jpgSo, here we go Day 4… 🙂

fgMlxG59n4U.jpgIt was one of the saturated and most memorable days of the whole trip. We have visited the“Xcaret Park” to find more about this park, I have included the hyperlink for you. Xcaret is an enormously huge park with a lot of things to do, however, there is one thing that you should not miss out for sure, its the Underground River, which is part of a natural network of channels which circulate under the Yucatan Peninsula.

Y5y2wHms_eo.jpgBasically, we floated for about 45 minutes, while looking at beautiful nature, it feels like you are lost in the jungles and the emotions are just overwhelming 🙂 Moreover, the park itself is a clean and well-organized territory with different areas to explore.

c6BsC5hZawE.jpgAs a bonus…

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