The US Route 36 Experience – Part 1

Renaissance Musings

 Days 4 – Travel as I Have Envisioned It Could Be!

Leaving La Grange and Elkhart, Indiana, we struck out on our original mission—make time to Bryce Canyon, Utah. Originally, if we had left directly from Tennessee, we would have followed Interstate 70 across the Midwest to Denver, Colorado. We had planned on several “curbing” overnights at the homes of SOTF members (see Day 1 of this series). Because our schedule and routing had changed somewhat because of events in Indiana, our curbing plans had also been disrupted.

RT36-20 Leaving Indiana, our immediate goal was to cross the Mississippi River.

We were beginning our trip well north of Interstate 70. We headed south out of Joliet IL, on I-55, to I-72 in Springfield, IL towards Hannibal, MO, where we had the option to go south to I-70, or take US Rt 36 (RT 36) across northern of Missouri. We elected…

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