Kuala Lumpur wrap-up: Can I live here?

Emma Exploring


And so ends my time in city number five as part. It’s wrap-up time once again to see how Kuala Lumpur compared to all the other places as part of my ‘Can I live here?’ experiment as I travel. (I’ve already done wrap-up posts on BeijingShanghai, Yangshuo andTaipei so check those out too 😉 ).

To be completely honest, when planning my trip around Asia I had considered leaving out Kuala Lumpur and going to Penang instead. In hindsight, part of me wishes I’d done just that but part of me is also glad I got to experience Malaysia’s capital city for myself. (Read about my first impressions of Kuala Lumpur and my first ‘homestay’ experience here).

Let’s see how Kuala Lumpur fared in my ‘points and categories’ comparison. As I’ve said before, I’ve only employed a ‘rating out of 5’ system so I have an easy…

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