London Day 3 – Princess Di and the Elgin Marbles

Shmi Shem

What do these two have in common? One word. Legacy. Betcha you were thinking the C word – controversial. I did think about that word but to do so would diminish what they represent to the world.

Whatever people may say about the late Princess Diana, there is no doubt she touched many people’s lives in one form or other. Controversies and conspiracies continue to abound which is I suppose the reason why the Diana exhibition at the Kensington Palace focused on her fashion choices and growth.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Flower Garden in front of the palace

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Kensington Palace with Queen Victoria’s statue in front

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Princess Diana Fashion Exhibit

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Some of the dresses Diana wore


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Also a photo montage of her in different countries

Aside from the Princess Diana fashion exhibition, the palace displayed other monarch’s lives. I was very moved by the depth of love and affection certain monarchs…

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