The End of Italy

Hunter J. Widell

Well, that’s it for Italy. That was a fast week. Half of it I spent trying to get onto a normal sleeping schedule. If I could do one thing over again, it might be to try harder to get adjusted European time from the get-go. Running on fumes in the middle of the afternoon was a bit challenging when we were trying to enjoy seeing the sites of Rome and Florence in the span of just a few days. A contributing factor to my jet-lag-that-just-wouldn’t-die was admittedly staying up late writing this blog. I won’t regret that, but I am now trying to write it when I have down time in the day, not deep into my allocated time for slumber.

The past couple nights I have gratefully gone to bed at a more standard time, but last night, our last in Florence (and in Italy) found us out late…

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One thought on “The End of Italy

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