8 Foods To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Chief Health

1. Greek Yogurt

Calcium burns off more fat than food items that lack it, and one cup of unsweetened Greek yogurt can provide 18 percent of your daily calcium needs. Plus, it’s only around 100 calories.

2. Celery

Low in calories, packed with fiber and filled with water. This natural diuretic takes quite a bit of energy to make it through the body.

3. Kimchi

Not only is kimchi beneficial for gut health, promotes healthy digestion and less bloating. It also improves cholesterol and carbohydrate metabolism, along with increased weight loss.

4. Spinach

Your body could use a huge dose of iron found in spinach. Iron helps carry oxygen to muscles in order to burn fat. Lentils and swiss chard will also do the trick if spinach isn’t your thing.

5. Lean Protein

Lean protein helps boost metabolism and builds muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the higher your…

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