A Makeup Hoarder’s Guide to Backpacking Beauty: Minimal Products for Maximum Variety

Over The Fents

Those of you who know me well will know I do not like to scrimp when it comes to beauty products. A skincare queen and a makeup lover, I can happily spend an hour each morning applying all sorts of products to my face; and with such a variety of choice in my collection, I tend switch up my products every few days. A habit which is not practical for travelling.

In a few days time, I leave for a six-countries-in-four-weeks Europe backpacking trip; the key-word being backpacking. I’m typically an overpacker, so wittling down to a light enough backpack that I can manage to carry every day was difficult enough, but deciding on the contents of my makeup bag was by far the most laborious task.

How am I going to cope with any less than 8 lipsticks, two highlighters and fifteen brushes?

Don’t get me wrong – I…

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