American Beauty Haul

Paige Helen

Hello everybody! I hope you are all well!

I literally can’t believe its the end of July when I’m typing this post! I came back from America in May and I’m only just writing this so I do apologise! There has been so much going on since coming back but thats for another blog post.

I am here today to show you all, all the lovely beauty products I bought while in America. I always do these sorts of posts when I come back as I know people are nosey and here in the UK we don’t always get the same sort of products as America so I just like to share in general.

So lets get started:


So it may not look like a lot but this is what $200 buys you in Sephora! Yes I spent $200 in Sephora, what girl wouldn’t?

Lets starts with one of my…

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