Life done….beautifully? 

Marlys Etta

When I was choosing the name for this blog, I was a little hesitant to title it “life done beautifully”…. because this momma does not always live up to that statement. I felt a little unqualified to be the author of a blog with the word “beautifully” in the title. My life is often messy, my hair looks like a lions mane in the morning, I am fairly unorganized and I certainly don’t assume myself to be, or boast about, being beautiful.

But I do appreciate the beauty that life has to offer.

Choosing to view life through your own beautiful lens means enjoying, embracing, and following the things that make your heart feel joy. The things that open your soul and make your spirit happy – whatever those things might be. To me, that is beauty. This phrase from the book I am reading spoke perfectly to me regarding…

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