Mac & Anastasia Makeup Haul & Review!


makeup haulMac lipsticks are always my go-to products, but it was time that I branch out and buy more of their eye shadows other than the one I have from my favorites list. I may have went all out and bought 5 of them…

Makeup HaulFrom left to right: Steamy Frost, Humid Frost, Nylon Frost, Tempting Lustre, Brown Down

Yeah, I have a problem… I’m addicted to makeup. The first step of an addiction is admitting it, right? Thinking I’m in good place then. Let’s move on to why I bought that many all at once. As an esthetician, (or MUA, stylists, etc.) you get a discount from many companies. Here’s a full list here. I have a discount with MAC, so my impulsive buy didn’t cost me a fortune. I highly suggest you apply for the discounts (if applicable) – so worth it!

I bought these about a month…

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