Protein Chickpea Carrot Cake


My other half was making a carrot cake for afternoon tea at my parent’s house. I love carrot cake so I eagerly popped all of the ingredients from the recipe into MyFitnessPal in the hope that I would be able to fit a slice in to my macros. The verdict: Per slice it was 662kcal, 8P, 57C, 31F. That’ll be a no then!!! Lol!

My chickpea cake recipe was a success as a vanilla cake and a bread so I thought I’d add some things from his recipe to my recipe and adapt it to create a healthy protein carrot cake. To try and make this even better, the carrots for the cake were home grown from my garden and had the most lovely sweet taste to them. I kept my fingers crossed and mixed everything together…

…Baked it for half an hour and sliced it…

… Then finally iced…

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