Empties June/July 17

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 Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog ♥

I’ve been saving all of my empty products for the last two months so that I can write an empties blog for you all. I have finally got enough beauty products to make this post therefore I thought I would review them for you and let you know if I will be repurchasing any of them again and also giving you my honest opinion on the products I mention.

Dove Go Fresh Anti-perspirant Grapefruit & Lemongrass Scent £3.45- This tube of anti-perspirant holds 250ml this means it has lasted me a good couple of months and I believe its well worth investing more money in a bigger tube that will last longer. Dove is the only brand of Anti-perspirant I will ever buy as it’s really gentle on your skin and doesn’t make me itch like some other deodorants do. I also really…

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