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Meet Andy Thomson the man behind Lincoln life blog

Hi, my name is Andy and I live in a small city in the UK. called Lincoln
I started writing about 10 years ago, and at first, I found it really difficult, but now I absolutely love it and I just can’t stop.
I needed somewhere for my writing to go, and after a lot of attempts I finally put together Lincoln life blog
I wanted to create something that will inform, entertain, educate and most of all something that I loved to do.
Writing has been around almost since mankind came into being, and in my opinion, there is no better medium to communicate with. video and still images enhance what we write, and helps us create writing/blogs that others will want to read.
Finally, I would like to say Thank you for visitingLincoln life blog and I hope you come back soon.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Andy, you live in Lincoln! Why it is such a lovely lovely place. I stayed there for some time when my husband was working there. I have warm, fuzzy memories of a fabulously cold time around Christmas in Lincoln. Climbing the cobbled alleys and stopping for tea and cakes in the pretty cafes. Thank you for the follow on my blog. Looking forward to browsing yours. Cheers.

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  2. Good Morning! Thank you for re-posting my entry and for supporting my passion, I’m happy you liked it. I’ll be sure to come and check out some of your blogs. Wishing you all the best! -the wanderer of the globe

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  3. Thank you for the interest in my blog, it is greatly appreciated and I will be sure to check out more of your posts and blog. Have a great day!


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