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I want to talk to you today about my thoughts on beauty.

We have all looked at people, objects, and the countryside and have seen beauty in them, but can they be made to look even better? Or the question should be “Is it necessary to make them look better”?

I have been blogging since 2010 and I have written hundreds of beauty post, but today I wanted to write one about my true thoughts about beauty and how I define it, and how beauty products play their role in that.

Now I have to be honest, I have looked at the pretty girl walking past me in the street and thought how stunning she looks, and then the next girl walks by and I don’t give her a second glance, now that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the second girl, but they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  or is it because from the moment that we are old enough to understand we are fed a continuous stream of stereotype images of what beauty is meant to be.

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Make-up to some people is the be all and end all of everything they live for, in fact, it’s so important to them it’s like a part of their physical anatomy. To me, beauty products should be used to highlight what everyone already has, or may be used but not solely used to boost your confidence, but under no circumstances should it be used because you think you are ugly without it. Am not going to start writing unrealistic dribble, because after everything is said and done it’s a sad fact that the majority of us like to see attractive faces and stunning bodies just like the ones on tv, in the magazines, and on the beauty products we buy.

What I would like to see is people buying and wearing make-up because they like it and not because they feel they need it, I would love for people to use make-up for what it is intended for, to tempory change or enhance the way we look, it was never intended to be a replacement for our biological makeup.

I think we are all beautiful people, and all of us in different ways, and we should enjoy our beauty products, BUT WE SHOULD NEVER DEPEND ON THEM.

Thanks for reading this post guy’s, I hope you enjoyed it. I would love to know your opinion so please leave a comment in the box below, and please share this with your friends.

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My Own Stress Free Zone and A Cup of Matcha!

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Tea and Tales

With my cup of Matcha this morning I’m feeling green. Not with envy. Although I wouldn’t say no to that green tea cup!

I really enjoy Matcha and all of its benefits. I do not however enjoy making things to eat with it. Although most of my diet consists of green foods, I just can’t do a green donut or brownie or beer. It looks like algae.

This morning started out in a very stressful zone! I couldn’t find my bank card and was not happy to find out someone had borrowed it and not returned it. The evil side of my brain was all set to blow this into a hurricane sized issue as I had plans to go to the kid’s soccer games. Then I walked outside and it would seem that it rained last night and it was 60 degrees. My allergies said “Get thyself back into…

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Grab A Cup! It’s Sunday!

Tea and Tales

Exciting tea related news! Now my local market carries Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea in a 48 count box! My tea filled heart is eternally grateful to the people at Tazo for recognizing we need more that 24.

It’s a gorgeous sunny day here in Oklahoma. I’m definitely in a sunflower mood today. They are one of my favorite flowers. OU Boy brought me this lovely arrangement yesterday, even after his team got schooled by Iowa yesterday and the entire Sooner Nation went silent. Especially after Iowa took a page out of Baker Mayfield’s book of tricks and planted their flag on the 50 yard line. It was ugly. Let’s move on.

Y’all know with this transplant thing still going on ( I’ve had marriages that didn’t last this long) I am not really good with peripheral vision on that side. When we went to the country last week I…

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Hi everyone,

Am so sorry that I have been away so long, I have really missed you all, but due to illness, I had no choice.

I intend to get around all your sites and say hello and am sure I will have a great read along the way.

It’s a fresh start for me, so it’s a fresh start for my writing.This illness has given me a fresh outlook on life, and I intend to make the most of it with positive thoughts and positive writing.

Please pop along to my site and say hello to me in the about section, am all keen to get chatting again with you all.

Thank you so much for reading, and am looking forward to chatting with you very soon.




West Bromwich, West Midlands: the “Boing! Boing!” Baggies chant, a creepy experience in a haunted house and enjoying my best vegan pizza to date

Travelling Vegan Mystic

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West Bromwich is a town where most residents have a tobacco addiction, poor dress sense and frequently emit a string of loud, harsh words for their kids. I used to come here in the 1980s as it was a bus ride from where I grew up and somewhere to obtain market bargains and see the latest movies with friends. A particularly memorable cinematic trip left me with a pained stomach after witnessing Eddie Murphy in his stand up “Raw” comedy routine. It was certainly not a performance one could later adequately synopsise for the parents.

West Brom (as it is usually shortened to) is most famous for its football team, West Bromwich Albion who based themselves at the Hawthorns stadium in 1900. The WBA team are nicknamed “TheBaggies” because historically, West Brom gatekeepers and their policeman escorts would carry large cloth bags jingling with entrance fees collected…

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Sydney (On a budget)



Our 6 month trip through Australia and Asia started in Bondi, Sydney. I’d lived in Bondi for almost a year back when I was ten, but this was a different place – unfailingly charming and friendly as ever, but more self-conscious, and achingly hipster.

Does anyone know of anyone on the wholesale end of avocado/sourdough/big lightbulb retail in Oz because it’s got to be lucrative? I could do with a job. I could be a professional avocado smasher for hire, it sounds therapeutic and I’ve got references.

Bondi was always health and fitness conscious. I remember as a London kid in the nineties wondering why everything here wasn’t slathered in layers of I-can’t-believe-I’m-eating-this margarine, but this current trend seems more about identity than aesthetics. We were asked, in utter seriousness, whether we wanted our coffee in ‘paper or ceramic?’ My embarrassment and confusion must have been as plain as the…

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LAMBS AMONGST THE WOLVES – A Single girl’s day out


It’s a stunning sunny Winter’s day.  My best friend and I head off in the car to Woollahra to see one of my very old school friends who is an extremely talented painter.  Of course the traffic didn’t fail to change my view that I was pleased I didn’t live in the eastern suburbs anymore, though I do love it for its quirkiness and the opportunities to enjoy a more cultured colourful outing.  We drove into Woollahra and after half an hour of expletives during the search for a parking spot we finally found one.  It was quite a hike up the narrow alley ways to find the Tim Olsen Gallery but well worth it.  Located in a lovely Terrace house with white washed walls and plenty of natural light accentuating the collection of different artists work, it truly was the perfect setting for a Gallery.  The entrance door was…

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