Melbourne hotspots


Melbourne is one of the coolest cities I have been to and besides beaches and cafés, there is always so much to do. We did most of our sightseeing the first time we visited, so this trip was dedicated to returning to our favourite spots.

Queen Victoria Markets

Where you get an awesome view of the skyline in between the market stalls.


And so much beautiful fruit and veg. I’ve got a soft spot for markets and love to see the local produce that is different from what I can buy at home.


They also have pretty good opportunities to taste fresh products such as sugarcane juice with passionfruit as well as amazing coffee – because if there wasn’t good coffee, it wouldn’t be Melbourne.

DSC04897DSC04904State Library of Victoria

Definitely worth a visit if you like beautiful libraries, but also if you’re into taking pictures of cool architecture. And also always a good…

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Travel : Seville 

Well it’s been a while since I posted, but I’m still here, struggling through the mess that is A-Levels and mock exams and trying my best not to have a breakdown every day.

But this blogpost is not about that, it’s about Seville, a city in Andalucía, in the south of Spain. Ah Sevilla.  I have fallen in love with this historic and just generally beautiful city. I came to Seville on a trip with the majority of my Spanish class and a couple of other classes from college and it was the best week. We had classes at a language school in the mornings and tours in the afternoon, and a ton of free time to just explore.

On the first day we took a bus to Córdoba and spent the day looking around the city and La Mezquita de Córdoba, which is an incredible Mosque with…

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5 Epic Places To Visit in New York City



Central Park

59th to 110th Streets | New York City, NY 10021 | Website

“Central Park is fantastic year-round, and is a must-see for anyone coming to New York,” says Josephine Danielson, head concierge at the Four Seasons Hotel New York. “People may not realize Central Park has several hidden treasures. If you’re looking for something different, I tell guests to visit the Conservatory Garden.”


National September 11 Memorial & Museum

90 West Street | New York, NY 10006 | Website

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum serves as the primary tribute to the nearly 3,000 victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks, as well as the six lost in the 1993 bombing. The Memorial’s twin reflecting pools and manmade waterfalls rest as eerie footprints where the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers once stood. The 1-acre pools are enclosed in bronze panels on which the names of every…

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Acapulco is Still a Must See Destination

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Acapulco was a popular destination spot for vacationers long before Cancun had gained its popularity. In my personal opinion after visiting there it is still Mexico’s top destination location20170602_193657 and a must see. While it may be no Cancun, did you know that Acapulco was considered the original Mexican resort town in Mexico? Rich with culture, nightlife, and of course beaches; there is so much to see and enjoy while in Acapulco. From visiting La Quebrada (the place where professional divers have jumped off cliffs into the rushing waves since the early 1930’s) to taking a daytime stroll in the Zocalo or hitting up the club scene for some nightlife entertainment.

During my time there I had the opportunity to watch a night showing at La Quebrada and it was the most beautiful and breath taking diving event I’ve ever seen. To see these young and adult male divers jumping…

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Traveling with Sunscreen

Where to start….after yet another early wake up call we had to walk a half hour to campus to meet the bus. There was a transportation strike so we didn’t get the luxury of riding a bus that morning. There was a 4 hour bus ride to the city of Pisa, known for the leaning tower or Pisa. Once we were greeted by the heat we had a tour guide show us a round. Pisa was not what I expected it was more beautiful than that! I always thought the tower was in a field but its actually surrounded by multiple different buildings. Our tour guide explained the importance of the buildings and i’ll try my best to explain them. There is the Baptistery where thousands of people come to be baptized the day before eater (this still happens today). Once baptized you walk out of the building and walk…

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Lanzarote June 2017

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Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog ♥

It feels like such a long time since I’ve sat down and wrote a blog post, this is mainly because I’ve been away on holiday so had scheduled all my blog posts for the last week whilst I was away so that you would all still be able to have some content to read.

I really hope you’ve all enjoyed reading my last few blog posts and that you’re enjoying your weekend. Today I thought I would put a collection of my photos from Lanzarote in a blog post for you all to have a sneaky look at what I got up to on my holiday.

We were all-inclusive in our hotel, however they allowed you to visit each of the three a la carte restaurants once during your visit. The first was the Italian, this had an amazing range of traditional Italian…

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