[New Post] The Perfect Sydney Weekend Part 1: Kings Cross, Surry Hills, and Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I am obsessed with Melbourne. I’ve been living in this amazing city for 15 months now and I have nothing but stellar things to say about it. It will forever be one of my favorite cities in the world, and it is definitely my favorite city in Australia.

That being said, when most people summon Australia in their heads, it’s Sydney that comes to mind. So when Tom unveiled his Christmas present to me was a weekend trip to New South Wales, I was pretty stoked. Tom lived in Sydney for a summer in college, and we had two good friends living there at the time. This meant that I would not be short of excellent tour guides for my first time in this famous city. With their input, we crafted the perfect 3-day weekend itinerary:

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Style Staple

The Top 5

Online Shopping for Makeup & Beauty

Almost every makeup and beauty lover located in Australia knows the struggle of staying up until 2am trying to get their hands on a specific limited edition product, which is only available on a website designed for people within the USA or UK. It can be a nightmare figuring out conversion rates and dealing with the dramas of overseas shipping!

However, I have created a definitive list to make online shopping for makeup and beauty products that little bit easier for us Aussies.

1. Mecca

  • free express shipping (1-2 business days) on orders over $75
  • 3 free samples with every purchase
  • all prices are listed in AUD

Mecca describes themselves as a company that “brings you the BEST in global beauty across two unique beauty concepts: Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima.”

Together these two stores offer an edit of over 100…

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We Went to Tasmania


IMG_20171015_155024_925I have always had this niggling guilt about the fact that I’ve been to more states of the U.S.A. – California, New York, Nevada, Utah, Idaho (I know, I know, family trip) – than I have been to states of Australia. I don’t think it’s a unique experience, even for people who actually grew up here. As Jetstar and Tiger make it cheaper to spend the holidays in Bali or Phuket rather than Noosa, more families opt for international affairs.  As a Sydneysider for a decade, I have made an effort to get around this great wide land. Weekends in Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Adelaide have all proved delightful. For my birthday this year, my love promised me a trip to anywhere I’d like. This is a big deal: it means him taking time off from work, NOT something he does lightly. I picked Tasmania. I wanted to…

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That Crown Is More Than A Crown

     A whirl wind of parades, meetings, appearances, speeches, fundraisers, formal affairs, and countless hours of preparation to become Miss North Carolina, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I was crowned back in August of 2016 and earned a $3,000 dollar scholarship to put towards my college education.

         When people tend to look at someone with a crown, typically their eyes scale from the top of my sparkly crown down to my face then my clothes and I’m judged immediately as a snob, unkind, selfish stuck up girl who thinks she is far better than everyone else. But let me stop you right there my friend… “pageant girls” are the exact opposite and being Miss Statesville has allowed me to prove that to people.

Being in the Miss America system is all about being that listening ear for those in need and it’s a way for…

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Dream To Move To New York City

Journals From America

I am 17, I live in Oklahoma my dream is to move to NYC. Do you have any advice?
It looks so beautiful there.

My Answer–
I too like many others, had this dream. In 2010, I was lucky enough to visit New York City like so may others, I Fell In Love with the place!! I worked hard at getting a job and a little over a year after that, I moved here.

IMG_1006 Skyline in 2011

When I first came to visit, I did not even know New York city was different from New York State. I then realized NYC was not just a city, but was a HUGE city. It had 5 boroughs that it was made up of – Manhattan + Brooklyn + Queens + Bronx + Staten Island. Most people talk only about Manhattan, when they say New York City.

I think the pros of living…

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“Land of the free, home of the brave.”

Wife Life 0407

Would you believe me if I told you, a sixteen year-old boy, walking home from the convenience store, was shot to death defending himself, by a neighborhood watch guy who approached the boy questioning his whereabouts?

Would you believe me if I told you a man was shot to death by a cop, in his car, in front of his girlfriend and four year-old daughter, for reaching for his license and registration? Would you believe if I told you he was initially pulled over because he looked like a bank robber due to the description of his “wide nose”?

Would you believe me if I told you a group of men who think they are more superior than other walks of life, beat a man and left him with several serious injuries? You might believe that but… would you believe me if I told you the victim in that situation…

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Top 1 | Albuquerque


I hope I spelt Albuquerque right… Anyways, TOP 1!! Why is there only one!? Well… if I’m being honest we only did one thing in Albuquerque, quite possibly one of the best things ever, but yes only one thing! HOT. AIR. BALLOONING.

#1 Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning, the thing which is probably on almost anybodies, who’s not scared of heights, bucket list and can I tell you if it’s not it definitely should be! This would have to be one of my ultimate favourite things I did whilst I was in the USA, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I just realised I managed to knock out two new forms of air transport in a few days, first a helicopter now hot air ballooning… WOW… 😀

So the ballooning day started pretty early, we had to leave our hotel around 5:30am!! :O If early mornings aren’t your…

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