A Weekend in Edinburgh

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It has been a busy month or so (as you can tell by the lack of posts), but I managed to squeeze in a 2-night trip to Edinburgh which was packed with a lot of bagpipes, eating and me saying “it looks like something from Harry Potter!” at least twice hourly.

IMG_4190_editedHere’s how it went:

We arrived into Edinburgh Waverley station, which is so big that buses go through the middle of it. After checking into Travelodge (because really, why would I stay anywhere else?), we headed straight out to the National Museum of Scotland for the last hour of its opening for the day. I thought it would be pretty small and not have much to see – oh, was I wrong! We wandered around for an hour and decided to go back the following day to see everything. Not only is it in a beautiful building, but it…

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Berlin, Day 3.

Suitcases & Spatulas

The weather forecast didn’t look good for day 3, and unfortunately it was correct.

So, we headed out for more shopping and to see Alexanderplatz (not a great idea in the rain). The very tip of the Fernsehturm wasn’t visible due to the clouds, which makes you realise how tall it is! After walking around the Alexa shopping centre, we decided to do something a little more touristy!

We had already decided not to visit the zoos in Berlin due to the weather and cramped living conditions of the animals, but there is an aquarium attached to the zoo which we decided to try. An adult ticket for the aquarium is 13€. The aquarium doesn’t just contain fish, there is also a reptile, amphibian and insect section too! I especially loved the chameleons and jellyfish.



We then finished off the day with food and cocktails at Hard Rock Café (an…

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Berlin, Day 1.

Suitcases & Spatulas


After an early morning flight to Berlin SXF airport, trying to navigate across Berlin’s transport system to get to our hotel wasn’t the most pleasant of tasks. Luckily we weren’t alone in our initial confusion, which was slightly more comforting. Fortunately I had already printed off a very useful instruction list for getting to our hotel from the airport.


We then arrived at our hotel in Kreuzberg, which was the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Berlin City Kreuzberg, dropped off our bags and and headed out for a pre-check-in browse around the area. Kreuzberg is one of the poorest areas of Berlin and this is somewhat reflected in it’s aesthetics. However, the range of nationalities in in the area (there is a large Turkish community) gives it a diversity and charm which is unique in Berlin.

Checking into our hotel and seeing the lovely room (complete with built in radio mirror…

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Berlin, Day 4.

Suitcases & Spatulas

This was our last proper day, and with clearer skies we had to try to cram everything that was left on our to-do list into this single day. Exhausting, but so much fun!

East Side Gallery/Berlin Wall



It’s 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the East Side Gallery provides a fascinating insight into a separated and re-unified Berlin. The mile long gallery features murals from many artists, and some of these have recently been repainted with fresh coat. Despite the pertinence and skill involved with some of the paintings, there is still quite a lot of graffiti which slightly ruins the beauty of them. This is an absolute must see!

Museum Island and Berliner Dom


We didn’t have the time nor the money to go into the Museum Island museums or the Berliner Dom, but just walking around and looking at the magnificent architecture is a…

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A few days in San Francisco

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Back in April, I went on a Californian adventure with my family, who initially took a lot of convincing until I said that I would plan everything. We flew to San Francisco and stayed there for 2 nights, before continuing down the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles. There is so much to see and do in San Francisco, so more than 2 nights is ideal, but if that’s all that you have then it’s still an adequate amount of time to explore Fog City. Here’s what we managed to squeeze in:

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz held some of America’s most notorious criminals until it was closed in 1963, and was well known for being inescapable. After its closure, Alcatraz was briefly occupied by Native Americans, who were planning to make it into an ‘American Indian Cultural Centre’, however this did not happen. The island was taken over by the National…

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A non-horror story about Farm Work – Australia.

Travelling Mouse.

Facebook group after Facebook group you see articles and stories being shared about awful backpacker experiences in order to gain 88 days farm work. So I thought that I should level it out and share my experience as well.

At the moment of writing, I have about 30 days left to grab for my 2nd year visa. We have worked every day for the past month, and see no signs of slowing down. We work on a potato farm just a 15 minute drive outside of Ballarat, Victoria. It is winter time here, and we are the rare backpackers who have stayed south instead of heading for the glorious Queensland. We were planning on heading up North in our camper van, but once we had finished the Great Ocean Road and The Grampians we realised that there is a lot of distance to be covered and petrol to buy. So…

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